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I KNOW how intimidating it can be to take that leap of faith and start something completely out of your comfort zone - I've been there! That's why I'm committed to helping YOU succeed with your online business.

I'm going to provide you with 19 FREE bonuses (worth $9,100). I wish to had access of all these when I first started my online business. With the Amazing Selling Machine's phenomenal training plus my free bonuses, it's only a matter of time for you to become financially free and live life abundantly.


The Amazing Selling Machine is an online training program that teaches people from all over the world how to build successful e-commerce businesses on Amazon; the world’s leading marketplace. ASM has been the #1 course for over six years now and has maintained a positive reputation by helping REAL people like you and me, to create REAL, successful businesses without any business experience.

In the year 2014, I decided it was about time that I stop WISHING I could live an abundant lifestyle and start CREATING the life I would dream of living.

I knew that I would never become financially free by finishing university and working a corporate job. I knew that if I did what the majority of people do (go to school, get a good job, pay off debt, work 40 hours a week) then I would get the same results and lifestyle that the majority of people have.

But why settle for the majority? I wanted to create an extraordinary life! 

That’s when I knew I needed to take a leap of faith and do something different. Building an online business was a no-brainer. We live in a world of technology. People on average spend 24 hours a week on the internet. Everything is online these days, including shopping.
Like it or not, we live in a consumerist culture. Amazon is predicted to do $300 Billion in sales this year.

Do you want a piece of that pie? I sure did! That’s when I realized the opportunity in selling on Amazon.

I soon discovered the Amazing Selling Machine course. I learned that this course would teach me how I could build my own Amazon e-commerce business without any prior business experience or technological skills. AND I could build this business on my own time; after school or after my work shifts.

There was something about creating a physical product that really motivated me… just knowing that people all over the world could physically hold, use and benefit from something I created was fulfilling and exciting!

Long story short… as a result of learning from this course, I was able to build a $50,000 per month in sales Amazon business at only 23 years old. I have since scaled this business on Shopify to over $400,000 per month in sales and became a millionaire (it still feels strange to say that, I never thought I’d be where I am today if you asked me four years ago).

My whole life changed thanks to this online business and it all started with the Amazing Selling Machine course. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing it with you!

I have seen this course dramatically change the lives of so many people and that’s why I am willing to put my reputation on the line because I’m extremely confident in recommending it to you. 

Because this course completely changed the direction of my life, I decided to promote it to you by becoming affiliated with the Amazing Selling Machine, which means that I earn a commission with every sale and with that commission I decided to provide you with all the awesome bonuses below.


And the best part is that I can create products that really help people! My products have helped thousands of women feel more confident in their bodies. What are you passionate about? You can build a business that is both profitable AND supports the cause you’re most passionate about. Live your mission

I have first-hand experience with this business and I know some of the common struggles and questions that arise during this journey. I can relate and I can help. That’s why I’m providing these Amazing Selling Machine bonuses for you for FREE when you join the Amazing Selling Machine through me.

If you purchase the Amazing Selling Machine course (by following instructions below), then you will not only receive EVERYTHING that Amazing Selling Machine is offering you (including their bonuses), but you will also receive the following bonuses for FREE! 



Bonus #01:

10 Amazon Coaching Session Recordings By Famous Success full Business Persons

(Value $2000/-)

I’ve spent the last five years studying Amazon and building my very own successful e-commerce business. I’ve learned A LOT throughout my journey and the best part about making mistakes is learning from them. I would love to share my lessons with you by being your mentor and coaching you throughout this new chapter in your life.

When the Amazing Selling Machine 12 was first released, I did eight online group coaching sessions with my initial ASM12 students. Each session was incredibly informative and relevant for everyone who is selling on Amazon. The coaching sessions were roughly 2-3 hours each.
With this bonus, you’ll get access to the private recordings of these sessions. You’ll get roughly 24 hours of coaching from me. I answer all questions to the best of my ability and I leave nothing on the table, full transparency is always my goal.
Although you won’t be joining me live, these recordings will be extremely valuable for you as the questions and answers relate directly to the Amazing Selling Machine training and selling on Amazon.
The Amazing Selling Machine course is composed of 9 modules, after you complete each module you can watch one coaching call as the calls are meant to address the topics discussed in each module.

Bonus #02:

Private Amazon Listing Feedback

(Value $1000/-)

It’s absolutely essential that you have a well-written Amazon listing because that will lead to higher conversion rates. You might have a truly wonderful product but that’s not enough. You must have a keyword-rich listing that’s going to help you rank on the Amazon search engine. You also need an aesthetically-pleasing listing that will attract buyers,
That’s why I’m giving you a chance to have me review your Amazon listing and give you feedback. Once you’ve written your listing, I’ll look it over and do a screen-share video with my feedback and observations. You’ll be able to improve your listing based on my feedback.

Bonus #03:

My Ultimate Online Business Resource Vault

(Value $1000/-)

Want to know all of the best tools, softwares, and resources I’ve used to build my online business? In this bonus I share and reveal everything for you. This includes every part of my business; what we use for Amazon, social media marketing, email marketing, landing pages, website design, marketing funnels, automation, content creation, etc…

It has taken me 5+ years to put together this list, after trying so many different tools and resources to determine which is the absolute best. Again, this will save you a TON of time and be invaluable for you for many years in your online business.

Bonus #04:

Done-For-You WordPress Website

(Value $1000/-)

The Amazing Selling Machine course will most definitely teach you how to do product research. They will give you specific instructions on how to pick a viable product to private label.

BUT, I wanted to create my own little video for you to show you how I do product research to find unique products. I think it’s good to see different perspectives and it will help you discover new ways to find products if you feel ever feel stuck.


When you join the Amazing Selling Machine through me, at no additional charge!


You'll also receive 14 MORE bonuses for FREE when you sign up today!

Bonus #05:

Done-For-You Amazon Launch Funnel

(Value $1000/-)

When you’re ready to launch your product on Amazon, it’s extremely important to offer a “limited time discount” to help get a lot of sales and a lot of verified Amazon reviews. This will help boost your product rankings on Amazon and lead to a lot of organic sales.  
In order to do this successfully, you need to create a “funnel” so that you can build your email list, get a lot of sales and follow up to get Amazon reviews. I personally use a tool called ClickFunnels for this, which allows you to create your own funnels inexpensively (it’d normally cost a lot to hire a web designer yourself).
As a bonus, I will GIVE YOU this funnel for free and set it up for you with your Amazon product listing details, saving you time and money from having to create it yourself from scratch. I know most people aren’t “tech savvy” and can be intimidated by these sort of things. I also know that your time is valuable and likely limited, which is why I want to save you a lot of time from having to set this up yourself. I’ve trained my team to be able to do the manual work for you – all you need is a ClickFunnels and Aweber account, and my team will take care of the rest. Here’s what we’ll do for you:  
1. Set up your Optin page and Thank You page, based on the details you provide from your Amazon listing and make sure they’re mobile-friendly and responsive. We’ll add your product images, bullets and description to the page so it’s ready to go.
2. Set up an Aweber email list and integrate it with ClickFunnels, so that when people optin they’ll get immediately added to your email list.
3. Add your Amazon coupon code to the Thank You Page and also include it in the first follow-up email someone receives when they optin to the list. You’ll have a ready-made funnel that YOU will own for your Amazon product that you can use to bring in sales and reviews! You’re free to modify and customize it as you please inside your own ClickFunnels account, or re-use it for other products of yours in the future.

Bonus #06:

Behind Closed Doors Of A 7-Figure Business

(Value $500/-)

I know that I would have LOVED to have someone share with me the behind the scenes of a million dollar e-commerce business. How do you run it? Who do you hire? Where do you hire? How to you manage your team? What’s does it take to scale?
In this video, I transparently share with you behind the scenes of my e-commerce business, the very same business that I started on Amazon as a private label business (just like the one you’re about to start). 
I truly believe this video will help you tremendously, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to share these private details. 
Remember, I want you to succeed and that’s why I’m putting together this incredible bonus package, I KNOW it will help you. 

Bonus #07:

How To Trademark Your Brand Guide or Product Name

(Value $500/-)

If you want to protect your brand name or product name from someone else stealing it, you need to file a trademark. This ensures protection and allows you to own the rights. It can cost $1500 for a trademark attorney to file a U.S. trademark for you. However, there are ways you can do it yourself without having to hire a lawyer for the lowest possible price (around $300).

While I don’t necessarily recommend someone to trademark their name right away, I often suggest waiting until you’ve proven your brand or product name is a winner. At that point, you want to protect that so nobody else can steal it – in which case, this video training that I’ve provided will be invaluable to you. It will save you a lot of money and show you how I’ve been able to trademark my own brand names. You get this FREE as a bonus when you sign up for Amazing Selling Machine through me! Recently the US trademark office has made changes to their policies and only US citizens can trademark their names themselves, if you are a foreigner you will have to hire an attorney. 

Bonus #08:

Private ASM Mastermind Community Group

(Value $500/-)

You will also get access to an exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group that I’ve set up, where you can interact with myself and other online entrepreneurs to get your questions answered, network with other successful Amazon sellers, and have others who will hold you accountable.

When building an online business, it can be challenging if you don’t surround yourself with the right people. Your friends and family might think you’re crazy (I’ve been there, believe me!), which is why being around like-minded, committed online entrepreneurs will give you motivation and certainty that you’re on the right path.


When you join the Amazing Selling Machine through me, at no additional charge!


You'll also receive 14 MORE bonuses for FREE when you sign up today!

instagram marketing

Bonus #09:

Instagram Followers Adding and Business Use Training

(Value $500/-)

You can use Instagram to market your brand for FREE! But there’s some things you should know about how to grow your Instagram following and what content you should be sharing on your page.

 In this bonus, I share with you my BEST Instagram tips that helped me grow my personal page to over 80k followers and my business page to over 35k followers!

Bonus #10:

How To Do Influencer Marketing - Behind The Scenes Training

(Value $500/-)

Influencer marketing is the new way to effectively market and grow your brand. It’s marketing on social media and it’s POWERFUL. I strongly recommend all of you to learn how to do influencer marketing.

In this exclusive bonus, I take you behind the scenes of my business once again to show you how I find influencers to promote my products for me and how it leads to increased sales and social proof.

Bonus #11:

How To Build Your Amazon Business On A Shoestring Budget

(Value $500/-)

Are finances tight? Don’t have much money to invest into this business?

I created a video to share with you how you can start this business on a shoestring budget. I get it. Not everyone has 10k to drop on their first business. But you don’t need it, you can still get started with little cash flow… if you get creative.

I was able to start my Amazon business with very little money and in this video I share with you how you too can get started on a shoestring budget.

Bonus #12:

Time Management
Training Video

(Value $200/-)

I have to say that the number one reason I see people fall off the Amazon wagon is due to poor time management skills. We all have 24 hours in a day, yes, some people will be busier than others but there are always ways to optimize your time. I’m giving you access to a private video where you can learn the best time management.

Bonus #13:

What To Do If Your Product Fails

(Value $200/-)

We don’t even need to be thinking about your product failing because you can make any product work (with the ASM training). But in the event that you chose a terrible product and it bombed, then in this video, I’m going to share with you how to recuperate your investment so that you can start over with a new product.


When you join the Amazing Selling Machine through me, at no additional charge!

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If you’re reading this right now that means you feel pulled towards starting your own Amazon business. I believe in trusting your intuition, luck didn’t bring you here.

My suggestion is to get the course, try it out and if, for whatever reason you decide it’s not the right fit for you or you change your mind, then request a refund within 30 days and you’ll get 100% of your money back. There’s no catch.


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I want to make sure you have whatsoever, hence the fact that you can get ALL of your money back and at least can say that you gave it a shot. You have nothing to lose! If you decide to get a refund, no problem – you’ll get all your money back. However, you will lose access to the Amazing Selling Machine, along with my bonuses, as that is only fair.

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You can also sign-up for ASM over the phone by calling their offices at 1 (888) 415-0615 or through the live chat on their website. If you do, just tell them that you want to be under “Sajjad Hussain” so you can still get my bonuses.

You can purchase using the full payment option or any other payment option. Whichever option you choose, you will be eligible for ALL of my bonuses here, including EVERYTHING that is being offered inside the Amazing Selling Machine (including their bonuses).
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Once you’ve signed up, email your receipt to bonus@asm12reviews.com so that I can confirm that you’re all signed up under my affiliate link.

If you need any help with this, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at info@asm12reviews.com

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A: YES! You get all my bonuses for free. Whether you pay for the course alone or pay for the course through my affiliate link, the price is exactly the same. If you buy through my affiliate link you get an additional $9,100 worth of my bonuses for free. As an affiliate I earn a commission for each referral I bring to ASM and with that commission I’m able to bring you my incredible bonus offer. 

A: YES! If you sign up through my link on this page, you’re entitled to receiving my special bonus offer AND anything ASM is offering you at no additional charge. 

A: YES! You get my bonuses whether you want to pay in full or pay using a payment plan.

A: Most of my ASM students have no business experience, that’s why this is such a great opportunity! ASM breaks down how to build an Amazon business in such a simple way that almost anyone can do this! I never had any experience when I started and now I can confidently call myself an entrepreneur

A: If you’re not seeing the success you anticipated then this course can absolutely benefit you. ASM is an incredibly comprehensive course, even those who are already selling on Amazon can receive tremendous value from this training.

A: Not a problem. Because this is an online training, you can go through the course whenever you want and at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the course and all future updates. The only thing that expires are my coaching bonuses which expire six months from the date of your registration with ASM. 

A: Yes! This is an ONLINE course, meaning all the training is available to you online through your computer with internet access. ASM has students from all over the world!

A: HERE is a list of countries approved to sell on Amazon in North America. HERE is a list of countries approved to sell on Amazon Europe. HERE is a list of countries approved to sell on Amazon Australia.

A: If that’s the case, please forward your welcome email to info@asm12reviews.com and let us know your first and last name and the date you registered. 

*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00. 

The claims presented on our website are not represented as predictions or forecasts that anyone who joins will experience success. Concerning future performance or results, no guarantee of any kind is implied. Individual results will vary depending on many factors outside our control, including the degree of effort made by each individual and the time, skill and ability they can devote to the business. Although these claims are truthful statements about results obtained by our customers, the results obtained by our customers are not necessarily typical. Some customers have little to no profit. 

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